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Excel Test – Intermediate Level

So, how good are you with Excel? In this article you will find a test that can help you evaluate your skills.


I deliver Excel trainings for a living. I understand that a test like this is somewhat limited. Knowing how to use Excel is more about solving problems than knowing the theory.

The does not mean however that an Excel test is irrelevant. It can help you identify areas where you can improve. I ran this test also on my Excel Blog in Romanian and people found it very useful.

No subscription – instant result

You don’t need to subscribe to take this test and you will have the result as soon as you finish it.

excel test intermediate

The level

Radu is this an easy or a hard test?

When it comes to Excel, everyone has their own definition about the level. In my subjective point of view, this is an intermediate test.

Excel Test Intermediate

Ok, I’m ending the introduction, here is the test. It has 20 questions, it should not take more than 10 minutes.

Not happy with the result?

You can blame me for the questions, or you can have a look on some tutorials that could help. Youtube Channel | Udemy courses

Any suggestions

Tell me more in the comments section.

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