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10 Excel shortcuts

If this article has caught your eye you are probably a frequent Excel user, like me. To to help you get faster in Excel I prepared a list of 10 shortcuts that will also make you feel more in control, because they all start with CTRL :).

excel shortcuts

  1. CTRL + SPACE: select the entire column
  2. CTRL + SHIFT + {: select all the cells that have been referenced in the cell we are at
  3. CTRL + ‘: copy the formula from the above cell
  4. CTRL + 9: hide row; CTRL + 0: hide column
  5. CTRL + F1: hide / show ribbon
  6. CTRL + ;: insert the date we are at
  7. CTRL + SHIFT + :: insert the time
  8. CTRL + –: delete cell / row / column
  9. CTRL + SHIFT + u: enlarge / minimize the formula bar
  10. CTRL + F4: close the workbook that we are in, Excel remains open

Hope they are useful, if you know other useful excel shortcuts please let me know in the comments section.

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