5 ways I would change evernote

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5 changes I would make to Evernote

This is the 7th post about Evernote on this blog, so obviously this note taking app is an important topic. If the first 6 posts were a lot about how to use Evernote is various situations, this one is different. In this post I made a list of 5 things I would consider changing if I could.

5 ways I would change evernote

Just would like to mention that I don’t think about changing in the way of repairing something wrong, but rather improving something already great.

1. The ability to further nest notebooks

I have been raised using Windows and files and folders have been tattooed on my brain. Notebooks are somewhat similar with folders, the problem is that I can only nest them on 1 level.

I know that the way to go is with tags, and this is the way I get organized at the moment. For me however this is not a natural way to go because I have to consider 2 things, the notebook (location) and the tag.

2. More than 250 notebooks

As I am writing this article, the Evernote knowledge base tells me that I can have a maximum of 250 personal notebooks, no matter if I am premium or not.

This is closely linked with the 1st point, if I could further nest my notebooks I would need a lot more than 250 for every little box in my head.

3. Real time note editing

I am using joined notebooks for a project I am working on and a problem that I have is conflicting changes. Take into account that the joined notebook is shared only with 2 people. I could imagine what it means to share it with 10, 20 people.

Google Drive on the other hand does a great job when it comes to collaboration and avoiding version conflicts, if editing a note could be somewhat like editing a Google Document, that will be great.

4. Top level tags to show everything bellow

Let’s take an example, I want to nest 3 tags under another one, oranges, peaches and apples under fruits. After doing this I want to see all the notes with the these 3 tags. My intuition tells me that the easiest way to see all notes tagged with these 3 fruits is to open the fruits tag.

Right now this is not the case, when I open the fruits tag it will display all the notes tagged with this single tag and not with the tags nested bellow. This makes the nesting just a way to arrange tags.

5. A way to separate reminders from notes

When Reminders were introduced I was really excited with the idea of using one app for note taking and to do list. I tried it for a while, it did not work for me.

Let me tell you why, most of the tasks that I have to do sound like this: call X, email Y, remind X to do that. These are tasks that have no content, and I want to put only content into Evernote.

I would make reminders separate with tasks, having only the option to link them. Because a review this document task having the document attached is a great feature.

Your turn now

Ok, you’ve seen my opinion, your turn now, how would you change Evernote, let me know in the comments bellow.

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