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5 tips on how to select the best to do list app

There once was a time when things moved slower and you had time to do whatever you wanted without being stressed to do this and this and that. That was probably kindergarden :).

If you’re like me you are probably working on at least 10 different things everyday. You probably realized at some point, like I did also, that you need a to do list or something of this kind. And maybe you started searching for one and you found that there a lots and lots and lots of them available.

To do list 1

Which one is the best?

Well, I have a personal favorite, I’ll tell you which at the end of this article. However I won’t tell you which one is the best one, but rather give you a few hints on how to choose the best one.

1. It has to be everywhere

I don’t know about you but I think that a good to do list app should be accesible from any device possible with or without an internet connection.

Web based app, mobile / tablet app (not only iOS) is a must from my point of view, desktop can be optional.

But why? well around me everyone has a smartphone and people start also to buy tablets we should have the same experience on all the devices that we use.

2. It has to be powerful

Yes, I think features are important, more exactly some features are important. I need to be able to:

  • group tasks by project or by some kind of tag,
  • add recurring tasks,
  • see what do I have to do today, tomorrow, next week
  • be reminded when I have to do something speciffic
  • and maybe even assign tasks to others

3. It has to be easy

A to do list is a tool that helps me get things done, this is why it should not waste my time. I should be able to add a new task from any device easy and fast, all unnecesarry clicks and taps should be avoided.

4. It has to help you focus

I write the things that I have to do down in order to help me focus on what I have to do and take one task at a time. Using the to do list app is not a task in itself so it should not distract my atention but rather clear things out for me so I know what I have to do now.

5. It has to look good

I know that I am shallow but this is a criteria for any app that I use, the design should be so good that I should love using that app.

Yeah, but why is this important? because any app is usefull only if you use it. Lots of people find it hard take the time to work with a to-do list app. If the app itself is badly designed that won’t help.

My choice

Todoist logo

I tried multiple apps of this king in the past years, starting with Outlook tasks. My choice is Todoist, the app that has helped me get more than 3000 things done.

It is my number one choice because:

  • it is everywhere: on all possible devices, even integrates with some email apps like Outlook or Gmail
  • it is powerful: it is one of the few apps that has a really god recurring tasks implemented in a simple way
  • it is easy: like to schedule a task for today, just type now in the date field, wanna schedule it every Monday just type every Monday
  • helps me focus: because the design is very simple and clean it helps me focus on what I have to do and not the app itself
  • looks good: yep, it does, both on the web and mobile

Another good alternative is Wundeslist.

What about you?

What to do list app do you use?

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