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66 places to go to for online software training – a massive list

Developers have built great apps to make our work and personal life much easier. There is an app for almost anything that we can think of, the only challenge lies in our skill to use these apps. Maybe this is why online training has really took of in the past years.

66 places for online software training

I was curious to see where can you go to if you are searching for online software courses, this is why I created this list. I had in mind that maybe I will find 20 places, the list got way bigger as I was researching, yes, I found 66 websites, and I am sure that I still missed some. 🙂

The ones that I’ve known

There were platforms that I’ve already known, I decided to put these first.

1. Youtube

I know that YouTube is a no-brainer, we can find lots of tutorials out there, and they are free. On the downside, there is a lot of background noise out there and finding the best tutorial on a topic may be like finding a needle in haystack.

Besides this, if you hate YouTube ads, you may want to search for an alternative.

2. Udemy

Udemy allows anyone to become an instructor, to create courses and make money from that. I am also an Udemy Instructor. This is what they say:

We’re the world’s online learning marketplace, where 5 million+ students are taking courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography–and much, much more.

3. Lynda

As opposed to Udemy, not anyone can become an instructor, they select their instructors and are known for course production and quality. They describe themselves as:

We provide training to more than 4 million people, and our members tell us that helps them stay ahead of software updates, pick up brand-new skills,
switch careers, land promotions, and explore new hobbies.

4. Skillshare

Skillshare is another interesting platform that focuses training on practical projects. The fact that they have Seth Godin as an instructor is impressive. They describe themselves:

Our mission is to unlock the world’s creativity. Doing so helps people live adventurously and create really great things. We’re dismantling the traditional barriers to learning so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can learn whatever they set their minds to.

5. Skillfeed

The learning platform created by Shutterstock, they also have short videos known as skill snacks besides longer courses. I am an instructor here also. They say:

We provide an online marketplace of professional video tutorials in design, coding, photography and more!

6. Treehouse

Seemed to me as the place to go to if you want to learn how to code. They describe themselves simply as:

A Better Way to Learn Technology.

7. Codeacademy

Another platform that can help you become a developer from scratch, their mission is simple:

Teaching the world how to code.

8. Chandoo

A blog created by an indian guy who is really good in Excel.

My blog is a passionate community where I learn and share excel tips, charting tutorials, visualization ideas, downloadable excel tutorials. It has 500+ excellent tutorials, examples and downloadable workbooks for you.

The ones that I did not know

Yes, what I’ve known before making this list, only scratched the surface.

9. BizSnack

A place where you can find business and marketing courses.

Our mission is to provide quality business education & training that’s affordable and accessible to anyone in the world.

10. Career foundry

If you want to become a developer or a UX designer, you might want to take a look here.

CareerFoundry is the world’s first career accelerator for vocational tech skills. We build online programs delivered by expert mentors to bring complete beginners up to employable standards in technology.

11. CBC Nuggets

Extensive online video training for system admins, DevOps, network engineers, developers, and more. Learn the technology of leading vendors, including Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and CompTIA.

12. Code school

Code School teaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts.

13. Code union

We believe that learning to code shouldn’t mean struggling alone, putting your life on hold, or paying a fortune. We know — over the past two years, we’ve helped train over a hundred beginners to be full-time, professional software engineers.

14. Digital marketing institute

Our industry designed, validated and taught courses are built specifically with you in mind – whether you want to kickstart your career, gain a new promotion or get back into the workforce, there’s a flexible learning option for you.


We’re the leading provider of Drupal training services. Our premium, membership-based video training library is trusted by thousands of users around the world. And we’re backed by Lullabot, one of the top open source strategy, design and development companies anywhere.

16. E-careers

If you’re looking to get that top job, change your career, start your own business, get fit or simply find a fun new hobby, we have over 1,000 online eLearning courses at e-Careers. Our goal is to help you be the best that you can be, by using the convenient power of eLearning

17. Ed2Go

ed2go is the industry leader in affordable online learning for adults. We provide the highest-quality online continuing education courses that are easy to use through a network of over 2,100 top colleges and universities.

18. Edureka

To create an alternative learning platform, using a unique learning methodology of live online interactive courses along with 24×7 support. We aim to empower our customers with skills which will help them get an edge in their careers and improve their lives.

19. Elance University

A platform with lots of online courses created by Elance, the well-known freelancing site.

20. eLearnExcel

We have the best value range of high quality online Excel courses. Even Microsoft choose us to teach their employees Excel.

21. Excel with business

We provide outstanding, tailored online courses in essential disciplines such as Microsoft Office, accounting, business and design for both individuals and organisations.

22. Filtered

Using adaptive technologies we accelerate learning and reduce training time. We won’t teach you everything. Just what you need to learn.

23. For Dummies

You probably know the book series, no further explanation needed here. 🙂


We serve more than 500 organizations from the Aspen Institute to the Commonwealth Club to the 92nd Street Y to Wired. Founded in 2006, we’ve earned a sterling reputation for high-quality service, responsiveness and reliability.

25. Frontend masters

Upgrade your front-end web development skills in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with expert teachers like Crockford, Estelle Weyl and the creator of AngularJS.

26. General assembly

Learn Technology, Design, And Business Skills From Industry Professionals In Our Global Community.

27. Google Developers University

Inspiring developers everywhere

28. Gotoandlearn

Flash, HTML5, Game Development.

29. Grovo

We started Grovo to solve the digital skills gap

30. HubSpot Academy

A resource center by HubSpot, an internet marketing company.

31. Infinite skills

Presented in stunning HD quality, the Infinite Skills range of video based training provides a clear and concise way to learn computer applications and programming languages at your own speed. Delivered to your Desktop, iPad or iPhone, high quality training is never more than a click away.

32. Instant eTraining

Strive to create a great learning ecosystem consisting of: Great Training Materials, Expert Instructors, Thriving Community.

33. jumpCourse

JumpCourse is the premier online provider of CLEP, AP, and DSST prep courses. Our courses are also recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE CREDIT) – meaning you can take our online course, our final exam online and earn credit at your college

34. KelbyOne

A better way to learn Photoshop®, Lightroom® and photography.

35. KillerSites

Creating Killer Web Sites taught that web designers should incorporate design and layout principles used in print media, in the creation of web sites.

36. Knowledge City

The number one choice in business training, allowing companies to save time and money with over 7,000 complete online tutorials.

37. Learn IT anytime

Learn IT! Anytime provides video-based training for computer & business subjects like: office software, graphic and web design, project management, and others.

38. Learnable

Learnable is a growing library of courses and books for web designers and developers. Whether you’re just starting out, or seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to make learning easy, comfortable, and fun.

39. Learning Tree

Our instructors are truly expert and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach, because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.

40. LearningGG

Here at LearningGG, we believe with conviction that Learning Generates Growth. This is why we have named the company LearningGG. Our purpose is to inspire lifelong learning within everyone.

41. LearnToProgram.TV

LearnToProgram Media is a leading publisher of web, mobile, and game development courses that are used by over 125,000 people in 65 countries.

42. MacProVideo is an online education community featuring Tutorial-Videos & Training for popular Audio & Video Applications including Adobe CS, Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio, and more.

43. Market Motive

We build curriculum that trains people how to do digital marketing. Our curriculum is used by higher education institutions like Duke, Benedictine, and Polk State College, to supplement their classroom training, and to enhance their Community Education catalogs.

44. NetCom Learning

NetCom Learning is an innovative leader in IT, business, and executive training to companies, individuals, and government agencies, dedicated to promoting the values of lifelong learning.

45. O’Reilly Video

O’Reilly spreads the knowledge of innovators through its technology books, online services, magazines, research, and tech conferences.

They recently aquired Infinite Skills.

46. One Month

What if you could learn anything in one month? With lightweight, self-paced online courses you can finish in 30 days with just 15 minutes a day.

47. Online Marketing Institute

Founded in 2007, the Online Marketing Institute (OMI) set out to educate marketers on the known truths and best practices of digital marketing.

48. OSTraining

We teach people how to build great websites, focusing on WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

49. P2PU

We build learning communities, on the web

50. Phil Steele Training

Learn Photography and Image Editing the Easy Way!

51. Phlearn

Phlearn is a small, fast and flexible company comprised of creative and passionate photography professionals. Our fun and innovative company creates Photoshop and Photography tutorials for photographers in all phases of their career.

52. Pluralsight Training

Our mission is to publish high quality online training courses for professional developers, IT admins and creative artists. Every day.

53. Pragmatic Studio

The Pragmatic Studio is where top developers have come since 2005 to learn relevant skills, master new tools, and continually improve their craft. In our acclaimed courses, you get the most up-to-date and approachable developer training around!

54. PSD Box

The website of a fellow Romanian 🙂

Hi there. Welcome to my site. My name is Andrei Oprinca I’m 25 and I’m a self taught romanian artist (I don’t consider myself an artist at all) based in Spain. Graphic design is one of my many passions and PSD Box is the place that allows me to share that passion with others and also the place that eats up every bit of my free time.

55. Quick Sprout University

An easier way to learn online marketing.

56. Screencasts Online

ScreenCastsOnline was formed in 2005 by Don McAllister, and is acknowledged as one of the most successful, and well respected online video tutorial services, delivering top quality video tutorials to the Mac and iOS community.

57. Simon SezIT

Learn All The Skills You Need to Gain A Competitive Edge.

58. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a leading provider of a suite of professional certification courses. We work with companies and working professionals to address the unique learning needs.

59. Soundview Pro

SoundviewPro is a fast-growing library of self-paced online courses focused around the business and technical skills necessary to succeed in today’s world.

60. The Great Courses

The world’s best professors at your fingertips. All the joy of learning with none of the pressure of schedules, homework, or tests.

61. Total Training

Total Training is a pioneer in innovative online and DVD-based training for leading creative design, digital video, and office productivity software programs.

62. Train Simple

Learn Adobe Software and Web Technologies. Learn to build professional websites and master Adobe software.

63. Tuts+

Join over 5 million people using Tuts+ each month to learn skills including code, illustration, photography, web design, and more.

64. Udacity

Get that ideal job. Grab that promotion. Stand out by learning in-demand tech skills from the best companies in Silicon Valley.

65. Universal Class

Universal Class, Inc. provides online continuing education courses to schools, libraries, companies, educators, and individuals throughout the world.

66. VTC

Affordable software training, easy-to-understand video tutorials.

Later update: 67. Activia training

We can provide training in soft skills and Microsoft software at any of our sixteen centres UK wide, or we can come to your offices – if you have groups of staff, this is a particularly convenient, flexible and cost effective option.

Another update: 68. Bigdata Hadoop Developer Training

This course is an introduction to the Big Data Eco System, the need for Big Data and its applications.

The list keeps growing: 69. Hadoop Administration Training

The course is intended for System Administrators, DBA’s, Linux admins and Software engineers responsible for managing and maintaining Hadoop clusters.

And another one: 70. Spreadsheeto

+100 tutorials for Excel 2016 (Windows). All tutorials are super practical and include free exercises.

Wanna learn Excel?: 71. ExcelChamps

ExcelChamps in one of those blogs where you can find some of the most amazing Excel tips. We have 150+ Excel Tutorials which can help you to learn Excel, faster.

Excel Training: 72. Guru99

We at Guru99 strive to make quality education affordable to the masses. Over the years the cost of education has increased many folds to make it beyond the reach of many. You may be appalled to learn that even in most developed nations students resort to prostitution to pay up for their college tuition fees. We want to remove this financial barrier to good education. In fact, the only barrier to education must be an individuals thirst for knowledge.

Did I miss something?

Whew, this was a long one 🙂 let me know if I missed something in the comments section bellow.

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