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Advanced Excel Filters – Tips and Tricks

Advanced Excel filters? what can be advanced about Excel filters?

Yes, filters are a pretty simple part of Excel, we don’t struggle with them, until we want to do something more complex.

Advanced filters?

Ok, Radu, what are we talking about?

Maybe you are wondering:

  • How to filter numbers on a column between 2 values?
  • How to show a speciffic day of any month?
  • How to show all values starting with?
  • How to show all values ending with?
  • How to show values that have a speciffic character on a given position?


If you want an answer to any of the questions above, check out this video.

For more videos like this, check out my YouTube channel.


Here is a file you cand download, if you want to practice working with these filters.

Other tips

Do you have an Excel filtering tip? tell me more in the comments section bellow.

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