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Airtable Tutorial – Getting Started

If you’re one of those people (like me) that constantly push Excel to its limits, you really should check out Airtable. It’s a web app that looks like Access and Google Sheets’s baby. 🙂

No, really?

Yes, it’s an online DB app that enables you create really cool tools using DB features. I know that you stopped reading already, so I am just leaving you with the Airtable tutorial bellow. 🙂

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In this video

I know it’s a longer than usual one, here is what I cover.

  • What is Airtable?
  • Workspaces and bases
  • Tables
  • Field and field types
  • Linking tables
  • Working with attachments
  • What are blocks

What I like about Airtable

Lots of things to like about this app. No wonder it replaced most of my spreadsheets that I use for my small business. To name just a few:

  • Easy – Airtable is a lot like Access, but much easier to use, even for less than technical people.
  • Collaborative – Bases are easy to share and working with multiple users is seamless
  • Fun to use – Filling in tables just seems easier than Excel or Google Sheets

Things to improve

Taking into account that there is a 50.000 limit of rows in a base (that is like a single file) I would say that it’s not an enterprise app. I tried to use it for managing all training in a manufacturing company, gave up because of that limit.

If it’s more for small businesses the pricing would put you out. 20$ / user / month might be a lot for lots of companies from some developing countries.

Want to try out?

If you want to help me get a discount to my Airtable subscription, you can use the link bellow. If not, you can find the website on Google.

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