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Excel 2013 slicers and timelines

Excel comes with lots of great features for data analysis and creating dashboards. Most of you probably already heard about pivot tables and how they work, slicers and timelines come as a great accessory.

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What are slicers and timelines

The short answer is that they are filters. Yes, I know that Excel Pivot Tables have their own filters, but these ones are nicer, really. Instead of choosing from a list, we can display the filter as colorful buttons (slicers), or filter the date using a good-looking timeline, see image bellow.

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When are they useful

I believe that slicers and timelines are very useful when we want to build good-looking dashboards, I don’t think that they add very much to the functionality as they do to the design.

Slicers are available also with tables in Excel 2013, however, I did not find them very practical.

A short demo

In my Excel online course I have a session about slicers and timelines that I also posted on Youtube and want to share with you.

Did I miss something? please let me know in the comments section bellow.

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