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Get rid of #N/As with IFERROR

I am starting a series of articles on formulas in Excel and Google Sheets. I am putting these 2 together because most of the formulas work on both platforms pretty much the same way. I will skip the basics, like SUM or AVERAGE and will try to write about the formulas that do not get invited to the party so often, the first one: IFERROR.


The problem

If you heard about VLOOKUP, you probably know what happens when it finds no value after searching, you get this message.


For the most part, this is not a problem. However, if you want to build more complex models, you may not like the #N/As scattered all around your spreadsheets. This is where IFERROR is handy.

The syntax

Each formula has its own syntax, in our case it is the following:

IFERROR(What we test, What we display in exchange)

If we want to replace the #N/A with a blank space, we write the following formula:


Ant the result

IFERROR Much better 🙂 .

Download an example


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