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Get decimal value in Excel

Radu, how do I get the decimal value from a number using Excel?

Well, there is the short answer and then there is the long answer. Here is the short one, see image bellow.

Get decimal value Excel

And in case you missed the formula here it is. If you are familiar with Excel, probably it’s pretty easy to understand.


If however you are still getting started with Excel, here is a step by step explanation.

A single function

I used this combination to show off and make it harder to understand because I couldn’t find a single Excel function that could help me get the decimal value. If you know any, let me know in the comments bellow.

Of course that a function like that would have been much easier to understand:



TRUNC Function

And because I could not find this “magical” function I decided to use another one, that would instead give me the whole number and then make a simple subtraction.

Yes, you guessed it, I used TRUNC to get the whole number.


And the decimal is obtained like this:


ABS Function

Ok, Radu, why did you use the ABS function then?

In my list I have both positive and negative numbers. I don’t want results like -0,234, this I why I used ABS, a function that calculates the absolute value for each number.

And besides, staying positive is always a good thing. 🙂


See for yourself

You can download the file I used right here.

Your Excel skill level

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Here is the test: Excel Test – Intermediate.

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