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Gmail mute, little known but very useful

Email is a powerful thing, it can help us move things forward or waste a lot of time and fragment out attention. I want to share with you a quick tip you can use in Gmail that can really be a life savior from the people who use the reply to all button much too often.

Gmail mute

All those endless replies

You probably know this situation, a colleague decides to send an email to 50 people asking an open question. Half of the people have nothing to do with that question, you are one of them.

And replies start coming, because some people actually like the reply all button, you don’t. Congrats you just have something that will keep poping in your inbox, annoying.

Say hello to Gmail mute

Gmail has a cure for that and it is called the mute option. Mute a conversation and you will not see it in your inbox again, simple and effective.

Gmail mute

What Gmail actually does is to archive your email and keep the subsequent replies archived, it does not delete the thread.


If your inbox is to clean you can easily unmute some threads to make you feel busy and useful. Unmuting (not sure if this is an English word) is as easy as removing a label.

Gmail Unmute

Another good reason to make the switch to Gmail. By the way why don’t you email this article to a friend :).

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