conditional formatting whole row

in Excel

Highlight whole row with conditional formatting

A part of my jos is to teach people how to use Excel. I get many questions and one that seemed interesting for me was this one: “Radu, how can I highlight a whole row with conditional formatting?”

About conditional formatting

Let’s start with the begining, what is conditional formatting in Excel? it’s pretty simple, it’s a feature that enables you to tell Excel to change the color (formatting) of a cell based on it’s value.

Something like this:

  • If the value is greater than 1000 – make the background red
  • If the cell contains “the” make the font color green

So what’s the deal?

Conditional formatting is pretty easy when you change the cell color based on it’s own value. It’s however a bit more complex when you want to highlight an entire table row based on the value in a column.

This is what I want to show you in the video bellow

Conditional formatting whole row

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Here is the file I’ve used in my example, feel free to practice.

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