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How to send emails into Evernote

I use email a lot and probably so do you as it is like fire hose of information that is constantly coming in, and if you are a human being reading this, probably you too.

Email into Evernote

As I am writing this I have 15.508 conversations in my Gmail. I am sure that many of you have even more. As the number continues to grow rapidly and because I cannot modify the past emails, relevant information could get harder to find later.

Email into EvernoteStoring some of the emails I receive in Evernote could be useful, as Evernote gives me better structuring options.

Is there a way to quickly import emails into Evernote without going through copy-paste subject / email body, download-upload attachments?

Glad you asked, there is, and this is the subject of the video bellow. We don’t have a dedicated button like in the first image, but we have a good alternative, see more in the video bellow.

Hope it was useful, if you have any questions let’s talk in the comments bellow.

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