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Get rid of ads with Evernote Clearly

Let me start with an obvious thing: I use ads on my site. I try to make the ad blocks suck less, but let’s face it, few people like them. So if the ads on my site bother you, let me introduce a solution, Evernote clearly.

Evernote Clearly

Evernote Clearly is a browser extension that helps you focus on the content you are reading and not on the cluttered menu, navigation and ads that most websites have.

I wear glasses

Yes, I wear glasses and also spend 8-10 hours a day staring at screens of different size. I hate websites that use small font, because it’s harder to read.

However, with Clearly, this is no longer a problem, as you can use it to make the text BIG.

See it in action

I made a short demo, about this extension, it’s part of my Evernote online course.

Do you know an alternative, let me know in the comments section.

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