How I organize my consulting projects with Trello

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How I organize my consulting projects with Trello

Let’s start with a bit of context, I work as an HR consultant in Romania. A part of my job is about training, another part is about recruitment and the third part is about other stuff.

Most of my work is around projects and probably if you are working as a consultant or a freelancer your work is too.

As I am writing I have 13 active projects I am working on, this blog is one of them. Besides this I also have another bunch of projects that are in the sales pipeline.

A way to get organized

I needed a way to get organized, and because I don’t like to overly plan things out I gave Trello a try, and created a system that works for me, see the video bellow.

Your turn now

What do you think about the video? how do you get organized? tell me more in the comments section.

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