Population pyramid chart excel

in Excel

Population pyramid chart in Excel

Radu, how to you create a population pyramid chart in Excel?

This is a question that I received a while ago from one of the cool people I met during one of my Excel courses that I deliver in Romania.

Great question, let’s see how.

Population pyramid?

First things first, what is a population pyramid chart?

Well, it’s a chart that shows you how old or how young a country is by showing how the population is split into age groups.

Yeah, I know, bla bla, here is how it looks like:

Population pyramid chart Excel 1

Chart template?

There is no chart template for this one, al least not yet. We can however use our ninja excel charting skills to create one.

With a bar chart and some tweaks, it shouldn’t be very hard to do.


Check out the video bellow:

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Interesting data

While researching for this article, I found some very interesting demographics data on a website that you can see bellow.


Try for yourself

Here is the document I’ve used, if you want to try for yourself.

Learn Excel / Google Sheets

If you want to learn more about Excel and Google Sheets, take a look at my Udemy courses.

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