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PowerPoint 2016 Zoom – aka Prezi in PowerPoint

Would it be possible to create the cool zooming effects we have in Prezi in PowerPoint? Well, actually, if we have the latest version of PowerPoint we can, with the new PowerPoint 2016 zoom feature.

New features in PowerPoint

Usually I don’t get really excited about new features in PowerPoint because they usually are just gimmicks. PowerPoint 2016 zoom is different because it’s actually useful.

An example

Bellow you’ll see an example. I have a presentation in which I have 5 main points. What I want is to be able to have this summary slide, to click on a certain idea and when finished go back to this one.

PowerPoint 2016 zoom web 2

PowerPoint 2016 zoom

Yes, this feature can be found only in the latest version of PowerPoint, and only in the Windows version as I am writing this article.

Let’s hope the Mac version is under construction.

[Wondering why the Mac versions are so behind with the new features in Office 365 …]


Here is a short video about this, if you like it I won’t mind if you hit the like button and maybe following me on YouTube.

You will see the following options in the video:

  • Summary zoom: if I did not define any sections in my presentation, this option can help in both creating sections and generating a summary view
  • Section zoom: if I already defined sections, I can use this option to add certain sections on a summary slide, this option will not create sections for me
  • Slide zoom: sometimes I don’t want to jump into a section but rather into a single slide, in this case I will use slide zoom

About PowerPoint

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