protect sheet google sheets

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Protect sheet in Google Sheets

Ok, so you crafted a really nice spreadsheet that you want to share with others. And you know what happens when others have access, formulas get broken, formatting also, very fun.

This is when you start googling

Protect sheet Google Sheets

You probably know how to do it in Excel, let’s see how it is done in Google sheets. See the video bellow.

As you probably noticed, the video is an extract from my Google Sheets Online Course that I have on Udemy.

When we chose to protect a sheet, we have 2 options, let’s see what they are.

Protect sheet

If we want someone only to see the contents of a certain sheet we will choose this.

Protect range

If however we want to give partial access. For example only in the cells that don’t contain formulas. In this case we will choose the protect range option.

Pretty simple and very useful.

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