Protect sheet structure in Excel

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Protect sheet structure in Excel

A lot about my work is related to delivering MS Excel trainings, the last one was just yesterday actually. I get all kinds of questions, one that stuck with me was:

Radu, how can I prevent someone from inserting new rows or columns in a sheet and, in the same time, enable them to fill in data?

Sounds interesting.

Protect sheet structure

I made a video about this, it’s just easier for me to explain it like this.

As a side efect, this video will probably make you feel better about your English. 🙂

It should be easy … but

This is one of these things in Excel that should be easy, but isn’t. Why? because the most logical thing to do would be to give someone only edit permission as I protect a sheet.

I don’t have this option however.


Maybe in the next MS Office release. 🙂

More about this

Got a question about data protection in Excel, the comments section awaits.

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