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Time tracking DIY for small business

I just came out of my „Excel factory” where I have been working on a simple time tracking model. Since not all companies have implemented a system based on retina scan or an access card to get information on time spent at work, I made a simple model in Excel, which is an easier way for tracking work hours.

Time clocking in Excel

A simple table

Before I give you the link for download, just let me tell you how I created this model. So the first thing, I started with a simple table where I`ve enter information about employees presence.

A simple table

Convert hours of time in total

In column H I wanted a numerical value for the time. In order to obtain the number of hours, I didn`t simply fell G-F but I applied the following formula:


Company`s Dashboard

To make data analysis easier, I made a Pivot Table where we have an overview on the information related to work hours.

Company dashboard

Employees’ Dashboard

I made also a short dashboard for each employee, see bellow.

Employee dashboard

Just a model

Perhaps in your company there are some features that would make using this example quite hard. That’s ok because I made this model to illustrate a principle, it should be changed and adapted.


Yes, let’s not forget about the download link I promised.


Hope this was helpful, if so, share it with someone. Got any questions, let’s talk in the comments section.

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