Debt tracking

in Excel

Tracking debt using this simple Excel tool

I have recently contracted a credit to finish my house construction project. I am not a big fan of credits and banks, but what can you do, sometimes you just need money.

Because my skills in estimating how much money I still need are as good as the Romanian national soccer team I found myself needing more money even after the credit. I am in the situation in which I contracted several loans, why don’t I build a simple Excel tool to help me do that, I am sure that it is a much better alternative to pen and paper or just remembering.

Debt tracking

What do I need

What I want to build is a tool that can help have an overview of all the money I owe to others and also what others owe me.

Starting with a simple table

Ever since I got the hang on how you can use Pivot Tables in Excel, I started using it everywhere, and want to use it in this example also. Because the Pivot does all the summary for me, I just need to create a simple table with all the information that I need in the start.

Debt tracking

You can see that in the IN column I laid out the money that I received and in the OUT column the money that said farewell to me, sounds logical, right?


I want to make sure that the data entry is done right, this is why I’ve put validation on the debt column, where I need to select from a list. This forces me to first register a new debt in a separate sheet, to avoid the situation in which I enter a new debt 2 times with similar names.

Debt tracking

A Pivot Table

I was telling you about a Pivot Table, you can see it bellow. I would like to mention that I added a calculated field to come up with the difference. Hmm, calculated field, sounds like a good name for another article.

A Pivot Chart

Some people like pictures, this is why I added also a Pivot Chart.

Debt tracking


Enough talking, click here to download the tool I’ve been talking about.

Usefull links

If you are new in using Excel some of the things I described above might seem hard to understand, and I did explain. If you want to read more I made a short link bellow:

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